natalie sowa


Begun in 2016 as a response to a university brief to package Vladimir Putin in the form of a book, Brothers challenges the reader to think critically about two world leaders. The book use personal photographs without annotation or intervention as an alternative to traditional political narratives about Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, suggesting new connections with editorial layout.


Printed on Gmund Original Blanc Tactile, 120 gsm. 

Cover Colorplan Bright Red, 270 gsm.


American Anxiety

Based on news headlines and advertisement copy from 1935 and 2017, American Anxiety is a poster series that seeks to unsettle traditional media messages and highlight links across 80 years of anxiety-producing, attention-grabbing print. The series employs a limited colour palette and illustrative typographic conventions to bring newspaper copy to life. Posters were designed in Illustrator, originally to A2, but can be scaled to fit smaller formats.

Washington Post  — 9 May 2017

Washington Post — 9 May 2017

Fast Company  — 12 May 2017

Fast Company — 12 May 2017

Warren Times  — 10 July 1935

Warren Times — 10 July 1935

The Post  — 30 June 1935

The Post — 30 June 1935


The Reader

Inspired by the German concept of Vergangenheitsbewältigung (coming to terms with the past), this book is influenced by 1950s book design. To capture the sense of nostalgia and sensuality in this novel, the cover employs the imagery of ripe peaches and bold, calligraphic typography. 


Submission for 2017 Orion Student Art and Design Competition.